a. One Stop Solution for Green

HIG is providing one stop solutions for Green related consultancy and services from establishing management system , monitoring system and improvement program and conservation program. With our technical staff and expertises’ supports we are able to minimise potential pollutions and maximize potential resources to materialize GEEP. a. Environment Impact Assessment – EIA “EIA is a process of identifying, predicting , evaluating and mitigating the biophysical , social, and other relevant effects of development proposal prior to major decisions being taken and commitment made by the management.

EIA is basically covered most of the major developments such as:

  • Learning
  • Workforce Learning
  • Township development
  • Hotel & resort development
  • Agricultural development
  • Power and energy development
  • Infrastructural development

With our certified assessor supports, we are able to provide a robust analysis and solutions enhance existing environmental and future environmental controls.

b.Environmental Monitoring and Measurement – EMM

WE are providing EMM to all sectors with a total solutions of managing, coaching and disposition of industrial waste. Environmental Monitoring and Measurement (EMM) is the post evaluation controls after EIA. The EMM covers air, land and water monitoring and measurement according to local environmental laws and regulations or other industry specifications and requirements.

The monitoring and measurement can be :

  • Raw Material and Services Sourcing and Procurement
  • Gas and smoke emission
  • Waste water and sewage discharge
  • Soil contamination
  • etc

All monitoring and measurement results are based on approved standards or ISO 17025 accredited methods.

c. Environment Waste Management Control – EMWAC

We do provide one stop solutions to waste producer to handle, control, train and dispose industrial waste or any e-waste as well as disaster control

The controls waste the following activities:

  • Chemical Management Control
  • Schedule Waste Management Control
  • Waste Water Control Management
  • Gas Emission Control
  • Emergency Preparedness Control

d. Energy Management System EnMS

EnMS is focusing on all types energy conservations such as fuel, electricity etc from analysing , identifying significant energy used , then with further operational control to input and output of the energy used. By implementing the control of Plan – Do – Check Action , we are able to enhance the existing control and introduce new engineering controls on stages. There are 3 stages of system control which are

Stage 1 – Analysis energy used by calculating unit used.
Stage 2 – Monitoring significant energy used by installing monitoring device or redesign existing control.
Stage 3 – Reviewing energy performance and updating the control measurement.

The EnMs can be implemented for various sectors such as:

  • Heavy industry sector
  • Light industry sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Public administration sector
  • Education sector
  • Data 

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